Neverfjord Water


Fishing Upper and Lower Neverfjordwater

the summer period:  (Winter period, see below)

It is only permitted to fish for freshwater fish with rod and line from Juni 1st to August 31st.
Fishing for anadromous fish (salmon, sea trout and Arctic char) is prohibited.

All from the age of 18 must also pay a fishing fee when fishing during the period June 1 - August 31, although it can only be fished for freshwater fish. The reason is that this is anadromous stretch.

Upper and Lower Neverfjord Water and river between these two lakes are protected for all fishing during the period

1 September to 31 December.

Fishermen permanent resident FINNMARKSEIENDOMMEN (FeFo) do NOT need a fishing license for Neverfjord waters, but must follow the rules for disinfection. This applies to those who have used fishing equipment etc. outside the county, look into this in RULES. These fishermen do not need a fishing license must be accompanied by proof of residence and identification when fishing in the waters. Now, remember this. 

Fishermen live outside Finnmarkseindommen (FeFo): ALL MUST disinfect equipment. Except for some age groups have all buy a fishing license and pay this fee: See RULES
Fishing rules also apply to anyone who will engage in ice fishing..  

Prices: Day pass NOK. 85 -  WEEK SHORT NOK. 300, -

(It sold 7 day pass pr. Day and 7 Weekcard every Friday)

Fishing licenses and fishing fee must be purchased well before fishing starts.