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Kvalsund watercourse - general fishing information

Fishing in Kvalsund River:
Kvalsundelva er en smålakseelv som ligger ved tettstedet Kvalsund. Elva er en liten lakseelv med bestander av laks, sjøørret, sjørøye og vanlig brunørret. 

Kvalsundelva is a small salmon river located near the small town of Kvalsund. The river is a small salmon river with populations of salmon, sea trout, char and common brown trout.

The river has many good and exciting fishing opportunities in scenic surroundings. The waterway has a small population of wild salmon, which per 2022 is in good condition. There are relatively strict regulations to reduce fishing pressure and protect wild salmon. This still gives increased chances of catching, for fishermen who want to try their fishing luck. The association has received good feedback from fishermen in relation to the regulation methods.

Fishing in the Kvalsundelva can be an alternative for fishermen who want affordable fishing licenses and little queue fishing. The number of 24-hour tickets sold for the Kvalsundelva is low, so it can be smart to book early.

Day passes are sold from 1 February at : www.scanatura.no

From 1 Feb. until 10 July you can apply for a season ticket for permanent residents in the Kvalsund sector boundary.

The Kvalsundelva is divided into 2 fishing zones:

Zone 1:

Only in zone 1 is fishing permitted throughout the season with fly/lure/spinner/wobbler/live or artificial ground. (See the fishing and order regulations). Small salmon, medium-sized salmon and sea trout are mostly caught in zone 1, but there is also the possibility of large salmon. Here you can also have exciting fly fishing for salmon and sea trout with so-called bomber flies or with normal dry flies.

Zone 2:

Fishing with lures, spinners and wobblers is prohibited.

Fishing with live or Earthworm field is permitted until 31 July.

In this fishing zone you will find many exciting fishing spots, and it is mostly salmon that is caught. Some years there are also good numbers of medium salmon in this upper zone.

Fishing in Upper and Lower Neverfjord waters

The Neverfjord waters offer good fishing opportunities, but here it is only permitted to fish inland fish with a rod/hand line. If you're lucky, you can get a nice catch of inland trout and inland char.

The river seen in the picture above is the Neverfjord River. This is protected for all fishing all year round by the county. The reason is an important spawning area for anadromous fish.

The large body of water is Lower Neverfjord water, and behind this you can barely see Upper Neverfjord water.

ICE FISHING applies to the period 1 January - 4 May. (separate fishing rules)

SUMMER FISHING applies to the period 1 June - 31 August.

Nedre Neverfjordvann
Nedre Neverfjordvann