Brennsvik watercourse


Freshwater trout and char.  Sea trout and sea char

Ther Brennsvik watercourse is leased by Kvalsund Sportsfiskeforening (kvsff)

Fishing licenses are valid for fishing in both the Brennsvik River and the Brennsvik lake.

The Brennsvik water is 1,3 km2, with a circumference of 5,5 km. Brennsvik river is 500 m. but is not suitable for fishing at low water levels.

Fishing times:

Sea trout, and Sea char :           1. juli til - 11. august

Freshwater trout and char:      1. juli til - 11. august.

The fishing day starts at 1800 and ends at 1759 the next day.

Bag-Limit and catch limit sea char:

Permanently resident in Finnmark:

Max 4 pcs. sea ​​char per days and a maximum of 16 pcs. pr. season.

Permanent resident outside Finnmark:

Max 3 pcs. sea ​​char per days and a maximum of 10 pcs. pr. season.


Wild salmon (Atlantic salmon).

Disinfection :

There are requirements for disinfection of fishing equipment etc. (See fishing rules)

Season license:

Sold to permanent residents in Finnmark upon application to the association. The application must be accompanied by a residence certificate and sent to the association's email: kvsff@yahoo.no

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